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The Flower Shop

We invite you to join us for a special art exhibition titled The Flower Shop.  

This exhibition aims to honour our florists and raise awareness about the unique challenges independent shops face in today's market and the ongoing climate crisis. It also encourages reflection on the work of our florists and the importance of supporting independent shops.

The exhibition celebrates the beauty of plants, which we admire for their aesthetic value.

As we appreciate flowers as art and bring them into our homes for contemplation in their natural state, it is crucial to consider the ecological sustainability of our actions. Should our contemplation of flowers also address ecological sustainability?

Entry to The Flower Shop 2024 is now open.



  • The call is open to artists worldwide who have been invited. The invitations were sent via email to the artists.

  • Submitted work must be ready for installation.

  • Limited to one submission per artist.

  • There are no restrictions on discipline or media accepted.

  • Work submitted should be no larger than 150 x 150cm in size.

  • All images/ work submitted must be original artwork created by artists or artworks created by an artist who authorised you to submit the images on their behalf – living and working.

  • No reproductions or copies of any kind will be accepted.


No matter where you are in the world, choose your local florist or flower shop as your inspiration for artwork. A brief art statement about your inspiration will be required with your submission.

Upon submitting the entry form, you will receive a link to upload the following images for the show's catalogue:

  • Your artwork

And three supporting images:

  • Flower shop facade

  • Interior of the flower shop

  • The florist


Please ensure to obtain permission to use the images in art shows and art catalogues.


Supporting images on paper or cardboard should accompany the artwork for the show.

Artists must deliver and retrieve their artwork in Valencia, Spain. The collection could be done in person or by a paid postal service with packaging provided. Artwork must be collected within 15 days after the show, or it will be donated to local charities.


​Alice Hsieh

Chele Esteve



April 29th, 23:59 UTC:

Entry form, artwork and supporting images submission deadline.


Delivery of artwork to the gallery (Venue in Valencia, Spain, and date to be confirmed).

Exhibition dates: 

Dates to be announced.

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