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Architecture, Planning ApplicationTechnical Design for Tender, Construction Drawings.

Creativity and solution-oriented mindset. Alice was very patient and engaging with us from the initial concept, suggested multiple approaches and solutions and the end result was far better than we would have thought of. She is able to work with clients, listen to their opinion and work closely to translate not fully formed ideas into projects.
We love our house because it is a materialisation of all our dreams and concepts. 
Message to Alice:
You always have our interest in mind, so we feel you are working with us to help us find the best way to achieve what we want.


Planning application for 2-floor extension of Victorian end-of-terrace, including a new roof terrace. The project involves internal renovation, change of layout.

Type: Residential, Victorian end-of-terrace

Location: Hackney, London, UK

Year: 2014

Clients: A.Yang & M. Wenban-Smith

Alice was fantastic throughout. She was quick to respond to our queries and alteration requests, professional and provided clear advice and guidance through what was a more complicated than expected project.  She also helped us to find other professionals to support the project.


Lawful development certificate and Thames Water

build-over applications 

Type: Residential

Location: Haringey, London, UK

Year: 2018

Clients: C. Pymar & D. Whiteson

The working process was smooth, efficient, no hidden surprises, and mutually respectful. I can't really think of anything we could have done differently. We got the planning permission and that was the objective.

Project: Railegh House

Full internal renovation with roof and rear extensions, including a 3m high outbuilding. Two stages of a successful planning application for an inter-war period house.

Type: Residential

Location: Barnet, London, UK

Year: 2020

Client: M. Constantine

When Alice said she was willing to work for us in the design and execution of our gastro-library retail store we were so excited. We already knew how talented Alice is from her previous works so we were very confident she was going to make our space a great place where to develop our business.
We were able to learn so many things about design trends, new materials and tips for making our whole project less costly. We are looking forward to opening our second store so she will be working with us and build a cosy and dynamic retail space again. 


Interior design and strategic concept design for the retail identity, including ambient and accent lighting design.

Type: Retail Shop/ Start-up

Location: Valencia, Spain

Year: 2020

Client: The Espanista

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