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  • Alice Hsieh


Building a new studio in the heart of Botánico.

The count down to open the studio has started, so I hope the renovation work meets the deadline I've given to myself. You might think refurbishing an architect' studio by an architect should be a piece of cake for an architect (me), but things are not that straight forward in Valencia. Contractors somehow struggle to deliver on the promised date here.

My real excitement is what is on the drawing board so far - deciding colours to paint, designing funky storage or doors that can fold more than 180 degrees and slide back to disappear behind the walls. I have endless ideas until the grand total in the excel spreadsheet is automatically refreshed then realise that they can be costly. You are welcome to view the final and affordable version once the studio is open.

Have a happy count down everyone! Friends, neighbours and blog subscription members are welcome to the Studio Opening. Date and time will be confirmed.

15 days to go.

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